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Thinking Toward The Future,
Changing With The Times.

Paragon has been the undisputed quality leader in commercial pool deck equipment for 50 years.

Diving stands, diving towers, competitive starting platforms, lifeguard chairs and moreŠif you see the name Paragon you're looking at the best you can buy.

Sometimes good isn't good enough.

When Paragon acquired Stark Filtration Systems, we took what are universally recognized as the premium products in the industry and improved them. All our filtration systems now represent Paragon's uncompromising standards of quality and service.

We meet your specs, you don't meet ours.

There are logical reasons for this incomparable success. For one, there's our dedication to providing customers with the best possible products for their needs. If we don't have something that meets your precise requirements, we make something special that does. Which means that our expansive selection of types and sizes of premium equipment is just a suggestion of the breadth of what we offer.

We're here (and at your place) to serve.

There's this, too. No other company has such a deep pool of engineering and manufacturing talent.
And few, if any, will go to such lengths to service its clients. Ask anyone. Our competitors. Or our clients.

And as industry leader we don't accept the status quo. We continually seek to improve products. Innovate products. Set standards. Work with materials grades above those used by others. That's what industry leaders do.

You get what you pay for. (With Paragon that includes peace of mind.)

For people who specify commercial pool deck equipment, Paragon's customized engineering and superior products provide the comfort of knowing they can depend, absolutely, on anything made by Paragon. They have come to recognize that Paragon products offer significant value, product after product, unequaled in the industry.

Paragon products are made from superior material and to more exacting standards. That's why they can be depended upon for trouble-free performance and longevity.

In the long run, that keeps professionals out of hot water.
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